New Sound System Info, Warranties and Policies

Things You Need to Know About Your Sound System  

** Precision Media reserves the right to update this document at any time.


Should you decide to recess your sound system in a wall for a better appearance, you need to make your finished hole 19” deep x 19” high x 25” wide.  The system is only about 13” high, but this allows room for the iPod to sit on top. You MUST allow room in the back of the hole for hot air to vent out!


  • While this sound system has been pre-engineered with exactly your needs in mind, and with limited installation skill required, it is still your responsibility to have someone with basic knowledge of how speakers and amplifiers are wired to install it, and who can safely mount the speakers (since these are the only things you have to do).  If you have any issues now or in the future, you should have someone locally with some level of basic audio/sound system understanding be on-site to help us troubleshoot by phone if necessary.
  • Your sound system does NOT come with an iPod.  You will need to purchase an iPod Nano or Touch that has Bluetooth capabilities.  The iPod Classic does NOT work with Bluetooth.
  • Your sound system will come with 2 Bluetooth remotes for you to remotely operate your music while your iPod stays plugged into the top of the stereo.
  • 150 ft of speaker wire ships with the sound system complete at the end.  Speaker wire is not plenum rated.  If you require plenum in your space, other arrangements will need to be made.  Please let us know.
  • If your opening date changes from the date you put on this order form, please inform us so we can ensure you receive your system with adequate lead time.
  • Shipping:  Please note that we will ship all equipment to the Equipment Shipping address noted on this order form.  It is your responsibility to make sure someone is there to receive the orders.  If shipping to a residential address (which is often best), the order will be left on the front porch and will not require a signature.  You will receive advance notice & tracking info via email when your sound system ships so you know when to expect it.  Theft of sound system equipment at your location is not the responsibility of Precision Media.


  • Samson Airline77 Fitness Mic System:  This is the most important reason why we ask that you hook up your sound system immediately upon receipt – you can just open it up on the floor of your studio and hook up 1 speaker to test the mic and iPod.  If there are problems with your mic system they should be dealt with well before opening day.  Because there is nothing we can do to prevent unknown frequency issues at your location, we ask that you be patient with us in working to try other frequencies in the event you have problems, but you don’t want to find out about this opening day.   We will pay for FedEx Ground to ship different frequencies – overnight or 2 day will be at your expense, so give yourself time before opening day – don’t wait till last minute.  You are responsible for returning any un-used mic systems to Precision Media 9844 W. Girton Dr. Lakewood, CO 80227.  If not returned, or if returned damaged you will be responsible for those costs.
  • **Under rare circumstances, none of the available frequencies may work for your location.  If this happens, we will have to upgrade you to a Shure beltpack system. In this case there will be NO upcharge for the Shure equipment. If this applies to you we will contact you immediately to discuss this option with you.


  • Every store should be aware of the remote possibility that a mic frequency that works at one point could encounter interference at some point down the road depending on local radio and TV signals in your area (or very nearby transmitters that activate).  Precision Media is not responsible should such a situation occur, and cannot reimburse you the cost of your used mic.  This is extremely rare.


  • Backup iPod System:  It is highly recommended that you have a cheap, and simple plug-in iPod music speaker system on hand as a spare.  We recommend the ION BLOCK ROCKER.  In the event there is ever a problem with any of your equipment at any point in the future, having that there as a backup is good insurance to ensure that you can always have music for one of your classes until your issue is resolved.  You can typically pick up a Block Rocker from Costco and this will have a mic input so you can hook your receiver up to it, and connect your music through Bluetooth.


  • Backup Microphone System: Since mic’s require repairs regularly, we make sure you start off with 2 mics, and a backup receiver.  The backup receiver will be stored until needed.  Doing this will limit stores that have their mic go down without a backup and therefore having to pay overnight shipping because you can’t hold classes – it’s to benefit everyone’s sanity and help us all sleep better at night.   When your mic needs repair – send them in ASAP.  Don’t wait.   Plan on purchasing a new mic once a year, and repairing your older mics once a year as well.  Contact Julie Cyr at 716.228.6655 for new mics.


  • JBL Speakers: Standard sound systems will come with 1 set of 2 JBL speakers.  You will also receive 150 ft of speaker wire, and toggle bolts.  Please let us know if you can’t mount your speakers onto the wall due to an agreement in your lease.  You will need speaker stands at an additional cost.  See add on section below for additional speakers.

What is included in the custom sound system kit: 

JBL speakers with speaker wire

2 headset microphones with extra pack of windscreens

2 Bluetooth remotes

Stereo with amplifier, mixer, receiver, and drawer

Backup receiver (to be stored until needed)  *Backup receiver does not come with beltpack option

Hardware bag

Manual packet (Online)

Initial shipping of entire sound system

5 year pro service plan

Custom Sound System Pro Service Plan

Summary/General Expectations 

  • Everybody gets the Pro Service Plan.
  • A sound system in the environment of your Fitness Studio is a vital piece of equipment; therefore failure of that equipment for any reason is a risk to the business and the client experience.  The service plan below is tailored to promote the consistency, issue resolution, and business continuity of these mission-critical systems, and to set your expectations regarding conflict resolution.
  • Should a piece of equipment go down, even if it is under warranty, your Fitness Studio location does not have the luxury of sending it in for repair and waiting weeks for it to return.  You have almost no choice but to purchase a new piece of equipment, and have it shipped overnight at your expense, and when the repaired one arrives you have a spare.  Each piece of equipment generally costs hundreds of dollars + shipping, so a single incident is costly, not to mention the cost of cancelled classes.
  • Please note that in all cases, installation on-site at the store is the responsibility of the store owner, and someone with a basic knowledge of amplifiers and speakers should be doing the installation.  We supply a detailed installation manual on how to install the system.  This can be found in the drawer.

Pro Service Plan & Expectations (included with cost of sound system): 

  • Extends the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to a 5-year advanced replacement, with 2-day air shipping included.  This means if you have a problem with a piece of equipment we will ship you a replacement as needed. Replacement equipment may be B-stock or refurbished. Microphone headsets and transmitters are not included in the Pro Service Plan Warranty. When microphones fail, it is your responsibility to send them in for repair. They do however come with a Samson 2 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Any equipment deemed “DOA” (Dead on arrival) will be replaced immediately at no cost to you.  This is very unlikely since each kit is tested prior to shipping, but in the event this does happen we will take care of it – occasionally miss-handling by FedEx causes issues or wires may come loose during shipping.  This is also why we want you to hook up and test your sound system immediately upon receipt.  Ground shipping is included on the new equipment to your location, and you must send back the bad equipment within 2 weeks of the exchange, or you will be charged full price for the equipment.  If you would like faster shipping you have the option to pay for that.  PM is not responsible for backordered or unavailable equipment.
  • Pro Service Plan includes no charge Over-The-Phone tech support. We are here to support you as you get your system installed and setup.  We urge you to install it as soon as you receive it so if there are any issues they can be resolved prior to opening day.  After you have installed your sound system you will want to call for a one on one teaching session where we will go over your dials and teach you how to use your sound system.  This is also a great time to go over any questions you might have.  The tech support doesn’t end after you open- it is anytime for the full 5 years of the warranty.
  • Your Samson Mic Systems do come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s important to utilize this for any issues in the first 2 years.  After 2 years is up, repairs are generally inexpensive.  New microphones can be purchased through Precision Media.  You will average purchasing one new mic per year after your first year.
  • Your 5-year warranty begins the opening day for your store location.
  • Any modifications made to your sound system that were not approved by Precision Media will void your warranty.

 To use your Warranty contact:  Julie Cyr

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