FAQ’s and Troubleshooting

Precision Media has put together a list of frequently asked questions about our custom sound system to help trouble shoot issues that may arise.

Question- “I need to send my Samson brand headset in for repair.  What is the process to sending that in?”

All headset mics will need to be maintained on average of once a year, depending on how rough everyone is with the headsets.  You will need your invoice from when you purchased your headset if it is still under the manufacturer warranty, (Samson warranty is 2 years from purchase date), and you will send your Samson headset and this form to:

C&E Wireless Repair

16448 W. Rimrock Street
Surprise, AZ 85388

You will want to put a note in the box that has all of your contact and shipping information, and info on your issue that you are having with the headset.  Make sure to put the copy of your invoice in the box as well if it is under warranty.


Question- “What is Feedback?”

Audio feedback (also known as acoustic feedback, simply as feedback, or the Larsen effect) is a special kind of positive feedback which occurs when a sound loop exists between an audio input (for example, a microphone or guitar pickup) and an audio output (for example, a loudspeaker).   It is the mic picking up sound from the speakers, and looping it over and over.  This occurs when standing in a speaker’s direction with a mic.


Question“When I get close to a speaker with my headset turned on, a high pitch static sound emits from the speakers.  How do I get rid of this noise?”

Answer- That sound is feedback, and it happens when your headset picks up sound from a speaker.  There are a few easy things that you can do to get rid of this.  1.) Turn your treble dial on the voice side of your Fitness Audio mixer off.(Counter clock wise on the dial) 2.)  Keep your volume dial on your receiver at 12 o’clock. (Half way) 3.) Do not go higher than 3 o’clock (3/4 of the way up) on both of your Crown amplifier dials. 4.) Turn the “Master” screw to 10 o’clock.  The Master screw is found on the back of your Fitness Audio mixer, in the back of your stereo. 5.) Make sure your speakers are mounted 9 feet up on your walls, and adjust them so they are facing strait forward.  Do not tilt them downward.

Question- “My headset seems to constantly break.  What can I do to get the longest life out of my headset mics?”

Answer- Your whole staff NEEDS to follow the rules listed on the laminated mic care sheet that came in your manual packet of your stereo.  Post that sheet close to your stereo and make sure everyone follows it.

Question- “My headset is stretched out and falls off my head.  How do I get it to fit my head again?”

Answer- Precision Media sells adjuster straps, that when you put them on your headset, they pull the sides in tight to your head.  They are $10 each.

Question- “My music volume is going up and down on its own, and my songs are changing on their own.  What do I do to stop this?”

Answer- Your iPod needs to restart.   You should do this at least once a week.

How to restart-    1.) Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the red slide appears. 2.) Drag the slider to turn your device completely off.  3.) After the device turns off, press and hold the sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple logo.


Question- “My headset is starting to sound like its underwater, but my other headset sounds fine.  Why is this?”

Answer- Your mic is showing signs of over usage and moisture buildup.  You need to take the windscreen (foam cover), and battery cover off, and set the headset aside for a day or two to dry out.   If this doesn’t help you will need to send it in for repair.

Question- “My headset is going through batteries really fast, is this normal?”

Answer- Make sure you are using the correct batteries with your headsets.   Lithium batteries work best.  DO NOT use rechargeable batteries.  They do not work well with the headsets.   They need a lot of power to operate correctly, so they will go through batteries somewhat quickly.

Question- “The boom that holds the mic to my mouth has gone limp.  What should I do?”

You will want to send that mic in for repair.  You may want to contact Precision Media and purchase a new mic as well.

Question- “My neighbors complain all the time about my music being too loud.  What are my options to prevent the sound from traveling?”

Answer- There are a few options for what you can do to prevent your neighbors from hearing your music. You will want to start with simple dial adjustments.  Most neighbors hear your base more than anything else.  You will want to lower your base to around 10 or 11 o’clock.   If they can still hear your music- you will want to lower your dial on your Fitness Audio mixer labeled “IPOD” down to 1 or 2 o’clock, and put your 2 Crown amplifier dials at 2 o’clock.   This will lover your overall volume just slightly.  You should also make sure that you do not have your speakers mounted to walls that you share with your neighbors.  If you do- you will want to move them onto non-shared walls.   If this doesn’t help, and your neighbor has a more severe issue with your sound, you will want to contact Julie Cyr at Precision Media.  She will go over cost effective, sound limiting equipment options with you.

Question- “When I turn my receiver on, but my headset is turned off, there is a very loud static sound.  How do I tune that out?”

Answer- That sound you are hearing is interference, and it can be tuned out.  When you hear that sound (keep your headsets turned off), you will want to slowly, slowly, slowly turn the squelch dial (the small dial on the Samson receiver), until that sound is cut out.  You may need to turn that dial from left to right over and over again until you find the right spot on that dial.  Once the sound is cut out- stop turning the dial.

Question- “I turned on my headset and there is a “waaaa waaaa waaaa” sound coming out of the speakers.  What is that?”

That sound means you have 2 headsets turned on at the same time.  You can only have one headset turned on at a time.

Question- “I pressed play, but I don’t hear my music playing.  What do I do?

Answer- Your audio cable that your iPod or Bluetooth adapter is plugged into has come loose.   Push it back in tightly and reconnect back up to Bluetooth.   If that doesn’t work- Check that your “IPOD” dial on your mixer is turned all the way up to the right, and that your volume level on your iPod is up as well.

You may have lost your Bluetooth connection.  Go into your setting on your iPod and reconnect to your Bluetooth remote/device.

Question- “I don’t like to use the Bluetooth adapter.  Are there other options?”

Answer- Yes!  There are a few cost effective options for you.  One being to purchase a simple Bluetooth remote from Precision Media.   If you choose this option you will plug your iPod into the RCA cable on the top of your stereo and link the remote to your iPod.  Precision Media can discuss other options more in depth if you want to hear other options.

Question- “Where do I purchase new headsets and foam windscreens for the mic?”

Answer- Contact Precision Media when you need to purchase things like headsets, windscreens, adjuster straps, or more speakers.  You should plan on buying one new headset a year.

Question- “Who do I contact for tech support?”

Answer- Always contact Precision Media first for tech support and troubleshooting, before ever hiring an outside A/V company to work on your sound system.   Julie Cyr handles all of our fitness sound system accounts and is here to help: Julie Cyr  [email protected], 716.228.6655.

Question- “What is the humming sound coming from my stereo (and not the speakers)?”

Answer- That humming sound is coming from your surge protector, also known as a power strip, which is in the back of your stereo.   When it puts off a humming sound that means there may have been a power surge from your outlet to your stereo.  Don’t worry- the surge protector will do its job and protect your equipment.  You will however need to call Precision Media so we can ship you out a new surge protector.  You may also want to call an electrician to check into why there was a power surge from your outlet to begin with.

Question- “I lost my HEX key that came with my speakers, and now I need to adjust them but I can’t without it.  Where can I purchase one?”

Answer-   You can typically purchase one at any hardware store.  You will need to tell them the size that you are looking for, which is:  6mm X 180mm or 6mm X 7in.

Question- “No matter how high I turn my volume, it just doesn’t sound loud enough.  Is there a way to get more volume out of my sound system?”

Answer- Yes.  With a few dial modifications, and cable position changes you can have more volume.  You will need to contact Precision Media for us to walk you through the steps to do this correctly.   If you have a larger than normal sized studio, you may need to add 2 more speakers and upgrade your amplifier in this case.

Question- “Can I hire an outside A/V company to work on my sound system?”

Answer- Yes, but please have them contact Precision Media to trouble shoot with them.  This will save them time- which will save you money paying them hourly.  We also do not want them selling you un-necessary things, or modifying your sound system.   Modifications, not made by Precision Media, will void your warranty that you have with us.

Question- “What kind of back up stereo should I buy for incase my stereo, or power goes out?”

Answer- The company “ION” makes a low cost portable system called a “Block Rocker” that has a mic input.  You can connect your music to it through Bluetooth, or by plugging it in.  There is also a battery that offers up to 12 hours of life, so you can use this if your power goes out.   You should always have a backup stereo at your studio.

Question- “I have an older stereo, and would like to update a few things on it.   How do I do this in a cost effective way?”

Answer- You can call Precision Media and we will go over your current stereo with you, and find out what you would like to change about it.  We will go over your options for what you would want to change, and what you would want to keep.